Core Values: Confessional

So what kind of Church are we? We are a Confessional Church. This means we have a clear and thorough definition of what we believe. We are grounded in our doctrine and we are accountable to the truth we confess. Christ and His work of justification are at the core of what we believe.  And whether our doctrine is popular or unpopular, we make it known.


Our Lutheran confessions are included in the Book of Concord. They were finished in 1580, so we have been saying the same thing as Lutherans for a long time! The Book of Concord contains:

  • The Ecumenical Creeds: Apostles’, Nicene, Athanasian
  • The Augsburg Confession
  • The Apology of the Augsburg Confession
  • The Smalcald Articles
  • The Power and Primacy of the Pope
  • The Small Catechism
  • The Large Catechism
  • The Formula of Concord, Epitome
  • The Formula of Concord, Solid Declaration


We often interact with the Small Catechism around here. I lace it into my sermons. It is used in catechesis. We encourage parents to help their kids memorize the Small Catechism before they even start youth catechesis. Luther intended for us to use the Small Catechism throughout our lives as a prayer book and devotional.